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"IT IS MY GREATEST joy to share my deep experience in supermarket nutrition, retail dietitians and the inner details of how to promote healthy foods. Consumers need the right inspiration to take the reigns of their health through nutrition — your product, properly marketed, is their answer!"

Branded Nutrition Resources: For Dietitians

Resources developed for Retail Dietitians by Barbara Ruhs, MS, RDN. Please check back regularly to find new materials and resources.

Setting the Record Straight About Good Fats

AvOpportunities: Avocado Nutrition Resource Guide

24-Page Nutrition Guide:

  • What’s an Avopportunity?
  • Power of Promotions
  • Avocado Nutrition: Serving Sizes & Conversions
  • Emerging Science: Avocados and Heart Health
  • Healthy Avocado Swaps: Mediterranean Meals
  • Hosting In-Store Nutrition Education Events
  • Recipe Demo Guide
  • Avocado Meal and Snack Kit Concepts (POS)
  • Avo-Kiddos: Guacamole Shopping Bingo
  • Healthy Mom’s and Babies ADOS BEING GOOD

Avocado Dietitian e-Newsletter

Bi-monthly digital publication with seasonally themed content sent to a wide network of retail dietitians and retail health & wellness contacts.

Each Issue:

  • Dietitian’s Message
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Avocad-O-M-G spotlight on Retail RD Happenings
  • New Educational Resources
  • Upcoming Promotions
  • Avocado News & Updates

Avocado Nutrition Resources

  • Salad Health & Wellness Kit
  • National Nutrition Month Kit
  • Recipe Booklets
  • Recipe Cards
  • Digital Nutrition Ads

Avocado Children’s Nutrition Education

Eat Brighter with Avocados [K-5 Handouts] partnership with Young Minds Inspired ™ featuring resources for parents and educators. Each month includes a simple at-home recipe to engage children in the kitchen.



  • November Lesson Plan: Avocados On The Menu
  • December Lesson Plan: Healthy Holidays
  • January Lesson Plan: My Breakfast Resolution
  • February Lesson Plan: Heart Smart Avocados
  • March Lesson Plan: Green Up Meals for Spring



Shopper Marketing Health & Wellness Resources

  • Tastiest Tailgate [2018]
  • Guac Nation
  • Cinco Central



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LaCroix Better Beverage Dietitian & Health Professional Toolkit

The 2nd edition of the “Better Beverage Toolkit” includes resources to health educators, health professionals and retail RDs inspire consumers to make the switch to LaCroix ™ sparkling water.

  • Brand Nutrition Talking Points
  • Hydration Recommendations
  • 3 Steps To A Successful Sampling Event
  • Hydration and Your Health (Brain, Digestive, Blood Pressure, Kidneys, Pregnancy)
  • Sugar Busters: Swapping Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
  • How Much Water/Fluids Do You Need Each Day?
  • Diabetes & Hydration
  • Hydration & Hunger: Weight Management
  • Sugar Quiz & Becoming A Sugar Spy (Reading Labels)
  • Sugar Swap & Sparkling Quiz
  • 7-Day Can Challenge

Hosting a Healthy Hour: Mocktail Recipes


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Money Talk: Retail RDs Can Make The Case for Better Compensation Today’s Dietitian,
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Evolution of the Grocery Industry and the Supermarket RD Today’s Dietitian,
Driving Produce Consumption with Innovation Today’s Dietitian,
Demonstrating ROI: Career Advancement Today’s Dietitian,
Deciphering Clean Labels Today’s Dietitian,
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